Claudio Morandini was born in Aosta, Italy, in 1960.
He wrote comedies for the radio, monologues for the theatre and several novels, among them Le larve [The Larvae] (2008), Rapsodia su un solo tema – Colloqui con Rafail Dvoinikov [Rhapsody on a unique theme. Conversations with Rafail Dvoinikov] (2010), A Gran Giornate [At much days] (2012), Neve, cane, piede [Snow, dog, foot] (2015) and Le pietre [The stones] (2017).
His short stories and other works have been published in magazines or anthologies.
In 2014 the author wrote for the singers Marta Raviglia and Manuel Attanasio the libretto of Gli Oscillanti.
Morandini collaborates with the blog Letteratitudine, for which he has hosted forums on music and literature, and with the online magazines FuoriAsse, Diacritica and Zibaldoni e altre meraviglie.

Claudio Morandini is represented by the agency Otago (

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