Novella set in the Italian Alps

Another delightful story from Peirene Press. This novella is set in the Italian Alps and it is a beautiful book to hold and read, produced as always with care and quality.
Adelmo Farandola is a hermit living in the mountains, in a hut, who has given up on his appearance or personal hygiene. He has cut himself off from humanity. One day however, a rather scraggly dog bowls up and it is clear that the dog is there to stay. At first Adelmo rebuffs him forcefully but he has not counted on the dog’s determination; of course, the dog is soon living with him, ensconced in his rather sordid conditions. But the two of them co-exist happily enough.
A ranger starts to encroach, an unwelcome intrusion in Adelmo’s life. Outside the weather is coming in, snowbound, the two have to survive. The odd dead animal sustains them and then! They discover something much more ominous (actually, the clue is in the title!). By this time Adelmo is chatting regularly with his canine companion (and it is not a one way conversation!). It is also clear that Adelmo’s memory is failing.
This is a charming and thoughtful story. Its trajectory is not altogether linear, it throws in a few curveballs and there is a low key, wry humour that underpins this engaging, well written (and beautifully translated) story.

(TripFiction; TripFiction)

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