Get Some Action With These 5 Adventure Reads

Desperate to get away but – for whatever reason – you can’t right now? Here’s another kind of escape in the form of 5 great action & adventure reads. Figuring out where to jet off to next or need a bit of outdoorsy thrill? Start here.
(…) Living in an isolated cabin in the Italian Alps with his dog, when winter comes, the old hermit and his dog are snowed in. With stocks of wine and bread depleted, they pass the time squabbling over scraps, debating who will eat the other first. Spring brings a more sinister discovery that threatens to break Adelmo Farandola’s already faltering grip on reality: a man’s foot poking out of the receding snow.

TOPMAN says: Does the a bit of adventure and a whole lot of suspense sound like you? If so, Snow, Dog, Foot needs to be next on your list. A heavily descriptive read, this read will engage you start to end: you won’t be putting it down until you know what’s happened.

(Top Man)

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